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About Us

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Our Colors

Navy Blue and Gold


Our Motto

“Every Student Matters, Every Student Counts”

Mission Statement 
We hold high expectations for EVERY CHILD, regardless of his/her race, gender or socioeconomic background. We will offer the most conducive learning environment for each of our students. We will strive to help each of them reach these high expectations because every one of them are worth all the effort we can provide.  

The staff and community of Frederick Douglass believe that learning is a shared, nurturing experience between a child and those who touch his/her life. Our mission is:

  • To help students become independent thinkers and doers
  • To provide successful experiences which encourage each student to achieve his or her highest potential
  • To instill worthwhile values which create responsible citizens
  • To prepare students for challenges in today's technological world.
At Frederick Douglass, we SOAR!!